Divorce Attorneys in Las Vegas

With the divorce process, the most important decisions you can make is choosing the right lawyer. The difference between a smooth divorce and one made of frustration, lag and wrong turns can be determined on if you have a skilled lawyer. In other ways of typing “divorce attorneys in Las Vegas” into Google or the search engine of your choice, how do you begin to find a smart, trained and compassionate lawyer?

The start of finding a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas begins with gathering names of a few different lawyers to sit down and interview. Now before you would go on an interview there are ways to find the right lawyer. One way to find a lawyer is through personal recommendations. Knowing a close friend or family member who went through divorce can help you out a lot. You can ask them about their experiences with their lawyer. If the wife wasn’t satisfied with her divorce attorneys, she can even recommend her husband’s lawyer. Say your friends haven’t gone through divorce but there is always someone who knows one that they can recommend to you.

If you have dealt with any other lawyers or not you can ask them for names of divorce attorneys that they have had good experiences with and trust. Trust and estate lawyers often have close relationships with divorce attorneys, so to start is that you should get a hold of the lawyer who wrote your will. Another good source of referral is from private wealth managers, who from time to time see their clients, go through divorces and also in a good position to recommend a lawyer.  Another way to find a divorce attorneys is through professional websites. You can easily find sites that can help you find a divorce attorneys in Las Vegas through good reviews. You can also visit sites for your local or state bar associations as some of the groups can help refer someone to you.

Now that you have found a list of possible lawyers and all their information wrote down, it’s time to do more research on them and begin to make a smaller list of your results. Now it’s time to Google the lawyer, check out their website, Facebook or LinkedIn page if available read about the lawyer’s firm.

Keys things to think about when you are going through your search can help you narrow your list. Keep these questions in mind along with any others you may have that are important.

  • Is the lawyer part of a firm that has other conjugal lawyers?
  • Does your lawyer practice only conjugal or other types of law as well?
  • Does the lawyer symbolize a certain mix of patrons (e.g. celebrities, wealthy individuals or people from a certain industry) and where would you fit in?

There really isn’t a correct answer to these questions, a lawyer who represents you in your divorce while also handling your bankruptcy, criminal case or real estate closing is probably not the biggest expert matrimonial lawyer. Solo practitioners can be very skilled, lawyers who practice at a big firm or with other matrimonial lawyers benefit from having other lawyers to give ideas off of or take over your case when they are in trial or on vacation. Though having a lawyer who worked with a pop artist may impress your friends but realistically think about if they have time to represent both you and the pop star.

Now comes the interview process with the potential divorce attorneys in Las Vegas. So with the phone call it can be a good time to ask about the fees. Most divorce attorneys in Las Vegas charge by the hour but require a retainer, a fee charged in advance. Retainers vary widely by location they can range up to $35,000. If the amount of retainer leaves you disgusted then simply you can’t afford the lawyer.

After you get through the initial phone call set up a face to face meeting. The reason of the in person interview is to tell the lawyer the simple facts of your case, hear the lawyer’s thoughts and get an idea of their legal approach. Also find out who will be handling the day to day issues of case, if it’s not the lawyer you interviewed then ask to meet the associate or colleague that will be helping with the case.

When making the choice of what lawyer to pick you want to be more intuitive than scientific. Even though the lawyer maybe acceptable on paper, doesn’t quite mean they will be a good fit. As divorce can be a very personal and emotionally charged process, so you want to make sure you pick a divorce attorneys in Las Vegas that you feel comfortable sharing some of the more personal details in your life.